Approved Properties and Construction Company is a Registered and Incorporated Real Estate / Real Development and Construction company, with our company registration number (RC 1545795) and we have over a decade existence in the real estate sector.

Approved Properties and Construction Company has over the years emerged to be a formidable and one of the leading Real Estate and Construction company in the world .

We also partner with other real estate companies that sell Genuine land and houses in Lagos and other states in Nigeria, thereby we can guide and assist you whenever you want to buy genuine land or house or whenever you see any land or house that you are interested in you can let us know and we shall assist you, so that you won't make mistake.

We have relentlessly grown to be committed to meeting and satisfying one of the most fundamental desires on the hierarchy of human needs which is shelter, as we can provide you the genuine land , house e.t.c that you want to buy or rent in any state in Nigeria and also abroad.

We have achieved these through our effective and reliable services with excellence and efficiency since conception.

We constantly motivate and train our staff to remain updated with current and future trends in the Real Estate market.

We are committed to high standards of excellence and integrity. We bring our expertise to every project handled by our experienced team, providing a thorough, qualitative service in alignment with our clients needs.

We have a mind-set to contribute our quota towards the growth of the economy in Nigeria

We get the most satisfaction from having happy, satisfied customers. This ultimately drives the bottom line and the emphasis that we place on customer service and satisfaction.


These are some of the reason why you need to buy land in an estate in a very fast developing area like Ibeju Lekki in Lagos :

The biggest benefit to owning land is that as the population continues to grow, land will become more and more valuable. It’s simple supply and demand; the price will always increase. Investing in land itself (with no structures) has several advantages. The price of land will always increase forever and the price of land can never decrease.

Your Land is Save from Government Acquisition Real estate companies that are fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and a very good track record like Approved Properties Company will give you the maximum satisfaction as regards buying good and genuine land unlike the Omo Oniles that are after your hard earn money.

We give you the opportunity to verify the land from the Lagos State Surveyor General & Bureau of Lands Office , then after you can come back with smiles to pay for the land.

Because you are dealing with a reputable company, you are sure of getting a land with proper and complete documentations. From the letter of allocation to deed of assignment, receipt of purchase, survey plans, certificate of occupancy etc.

Buying landed property in an estate also save you the stress of getting the entire document by yourself as the time you will spend doing all this can be channeled into doing other productive things. The real estate company is saddle with the responsibility of perfection of your land documents title.

Buildings inside an estate are properly structured in a well design layers and pattern that can give your house the proper fitting and beauty it deserved. These always contribute to the value of your building.

Building a house in an estate saves you the stress of running around for blocks to build your fence, the real estate company that owns the estate provides constant electricity, drainage, good water supply, good road, constant security, perimeter fence and all the necessary infrastructure, as all this will be taken care of by the estate owner.

Real estate investment comes with a sense of assurance because the price does not fluctuate. The investment is tangible. Usually, the value appreciates over time.

More fortunes have been made by owning land than any other investment – some of the people you might have heard of include Donald Trump, Howard Hughes and many rich people in Nigeria own properties in a lot of places, which gives them more money as the price of the land rises, they sell them to get much profit or build on the land for maximum returns on investment.

During uncertain times, land have been favoured by investors from across the world, as they provide an excellent hedge.

If you are thinking about investing in land. As more and more people are added to the world’s population the demand for land is going to keep rising. But since there is a finite supply of land, meaning we cannot make any more, the price of land will keep rising.

Investing in land really is one of the best decisions that you can make for yourself and your future. Unlike almost every other investment out there, land has a history of only growing in value regulary and the price of land can never decrease but the price will keep rising forever.


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Managing Director
Best experience with Approved Properties in Nigeria.
Thoroughly friendly and professional service and
frequent updates from staff. Highly recommended
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Best experience with Approved Properties in Nigeria.
Thoroughly friendly and professional service and
frequent updates from staff. Highly recommended
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