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Palm Estate is located in a very good area in Ibeju Lekki . The location of Palm Estate is just few minutes drive after La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort.
* It is a completely Dry Land

PROMO PRICE : 700,000Naira Per Plot.

SIZE : 600Sqm
* There is an ongoing promo that gives you the opportunity to get One Plot for free when you buy 5plots.

* La Campagne Beach Resort
* Lekki Free Trade Zone
* New Lekki Sea Port
* New Lekki Golf Course
* Lekki International Airport
* Kellogg's Company
* Power Oil Company
Buy 5Plot and get One Plot for free
* These is an opportunity for you to buy an 100% Dry land in a good area in Ibeju Lekki at a promo price of 700,000Naira Per Plot. Buy 5Plot and Get 1 Plot for free
*The normal value of land in Palm Estate is 1.2million Naira
*Palm Estate is located in a unique area.
*When you buy land in Palm Estate,it is certain that you will get at least 150% Returns on investment within 3months
* All the necessary documents are available and we shall give you the opportunity to verify all the document of our estate before you buy.

SPECIAL PROMO : Buy One Plot and get our Product, A Multifunctional USB Rechargeable Fan For Free and 10kg Bag of Rice for Free.
Buy 5 Plots and Get 1 Plot for free and 50kg Bag of Rice for free Plus Architecture Design for Free
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