The properties on our website are not all we are selling, some of the properties have not been uploaded on our website.

You can inform us about the land, house e.t.c for sale or rent that you need in any part of Nigeria or abroad and we shall provide you quickly at an affordable cost.


It has been made easy for everyone to become a landlord in Lagos. Blessed Villa II has become the cheapest land in Ibeju Lekki and Nigeria generally at the moment and a lot of awards has been received by us for making it easy for Nigerians to become a landlord.

Blessed Villa Estate II is located in Ibeju Lekki,in the same axis with La Campagne Tropicana Resort, Dangote Refinery,Power Oil Company, Kellogs Company, International Airport, to mention a few among the many companies in that axis.

When yo buy land in Blessed Villa Estate II, you will be given Deed of Assignment and Receipt

TITLE : Gazette in Progress

PROMO PRICE : 250,000Naira Per Plot

1.5million for one Acre (6 Plots)

Special Promo: When you buy,we shall give you a USB Rechargeable Fan for Free and Architecture Design for free

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