The properties on our website are not all we are selling, some of the properties have not been uploaded on our website.

You can inform us about the land, house e.t.c for sale or rent that you need in any part of Nigeria or abroad and we shall provide you quickly at an affordable cost.

It has been made easy for everyone to benefit from the agricultural sector, the agricultural sector is one of the most profitable sector in Nigeria. You can sell your agricultural produce in Nigeria or export to foreign countries,as the foreign countries are always in need of different agricultural produce in Nigeria.

* You can now buy one acre(6 Plot) of a very fertile farm land at the cost of 500,000Naira and you will be given all the necessary documents

* The farm land becomes your property forever, and you can use the farm land for any agricultural purposes .

* Our Farm Managers can take care of your farm land for you daily, while you go about your daily activities and you will be notified when you crops are mature and can be harvested

* We can also guide and give you information on any type of agriculture which you want to venture into,which also include Livestock Farming, Animal Husbandry,Fish Farming Snail Farming and others

These is a great opportunities that a lot of people have benefited from.

LOCATION : Ogun State

PROMO PRICE : 500,000Naira Per Acre(6Plot)