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RICHFIELD ESTATE is located in a unique location in Abeokuta with unique features, which makes it an ideal environment for families, retirees and those desirous of a combination of class and affordability. It is completely a dry land, which is projected to increase largely in value of over 100% in the next few months.
LOCATION: Federal Housing Estate extension Obada, Abeokuta.
Why Richfield?
A. Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)
B. Gated and fenced estate
C. Proper estate layout
D. Good topography
E. Buy and build 
F. 100% value appreciation within the next 12months
PRICE: 500,000Naira
Secured Gate House
Perimeter Fencing
Electricity Facility
Good Road Network
Conducive Environment,estate shopping mall,school, green area Etc.